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Hasegawa 64122 1/20 Luna Tactical Reconnaissance Machine LUM-168 Camel Operation Dynamo

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A nuclear World War IV in 2807 kills most of Earth's population and renders the planet uninhabitable. Fifty-two years after the war, a research team from an interstellar union called the Galactic Federation is sent to Earth and discovers that the planet's natural environment has restored itself. The Federation decides to repopulate the planet and sends over colonists to the surface. Cities and towns are eventually reformed over the next 20 years, but this growth attracts the attention of criminals, military deserters, and other lawless elements who wanted to hide on Earth—away from the authorities. A few militias protect the colonists, but the new interlopers often defeat them.


  • Late model with increased armor at the cockpit and fuselage connection!
  • A large offensive operation of the mercenary army in September 2886 to assault the Strahl army's lunar weapons arsenal and complex.
  • The aircraft that participated in [Operation Dynamo] are made into a kit!
  • Comes with decals with multiple new unit marks.
  • Mr. Hiroshi Yokoyama is in charge of the package illustration.
  • The color of the aircraft parts is silver.
  • A5 size, front and back color printing painted cards are included.
  • Comes with decals with multiple new unit marks.
  • Mercenary Army 320th Armored Combat Team K Company Affiliation Machine [B]