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Bandai OT61361L Metal Structure Kaitai-Shou-Ki MSN-04 Sazabi

Product Code: OT61361L
Barcode: 4573102613615

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All allocations exhausted. Bandai have only made a limited number of these models available to the Australian market.

This may well be the most awesome Sazabi figure ever produced!

Bandai's spectacular new model of the MSN-04 Sazabi from "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack" features overwhelming volume, precise modeling, and composite materials making up over 3,000 parts that can be enjoyed in various forms! Different textures reminiscent of the real thing are a hallmark of this figure; there are armor deployment gimmicks for each part, too, and a mechanism that gradually transforms. There's also a light-emitting gimmick built into the main figure's head camera and cockpit, as well as the base, to produce a feeling of overwhelming size!

The core concept of the METAL STRUCTURE line is the movable armor that can be displayed in various stages of assembly or disassembly. The unique structure of this figure allow you to display the mighty Sazabi in four different forms: its Normal form, the High Mobility form for more efficient cooling during battle, and the Open Hatch form for maintenance and development. It can also be displayed in its parked Full Maintenance Form with much of its inner structure revealed, complete with a maintenance gantry with multiple arms and maintenance crew figures! A pilot figure of Char Aznable is also included, as well as a figure of Nanai Miguel.

The Sazabi is fully armed as well, and would be the pinnacle of any "Gundam" collection.


This unbelievably faithfully detailed composite material figure is comprised of several thousand parts, evoking the real materials used to make this mighty mobile suit. Opening armor parts and transformation systems are sure to please discriminating collectors. The stand and figure include illumination, enhancing both the sense of size and presence of the display.


  • Main figure
  • Shield
  • Beam Shot Rifle
  • Beam Tomahawk
  • Beam Saber (x2)
  • Various beam effect parts
  • Funnel (x6)
  • Base for display
  • Maintenance soldier figures (x4)
  • Char Aznable figure
  • Nanai Miguel figure


Three LR41 button-cell batteries are required for the Sazabi's lighting effects; test batteries are included. Four AAA batteries are required for the base, and are not included.

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