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Arriving 3rd Quarter of 2020

The J Class locomotive was the Victorian Railways’ last steam locomotive, and was used for secondary passenger and goods traffic right across Victoria. The J Class locomotive was introduced in 1954 as part of Operation Phoenix, a massive upgrading of the Victorian Railways fleet.

The J Class was an evolution of the highly successful K class design, made to be gauge convertible with a number of modernized features. A total of 50 J Class locomotives were ordered and built by Vulcan Foundry in England, 30 as coal burners and 30 as oil burners. With it’s high-set boiler and red German-style smoke deflectors the J class was one of the more distinct steam locomotives operated by Victorian Railways.

The J Class’ life was relatively short, being introduced at the start of the diesel era, only a year before the T Class which was to replace it. As the J Class was gradually superseded by the T Class into the 1960s it was relegated to shunting duties in various country yards. The first J class was scrapped in 1967 with the last J class surviving in revenue service until 1972.

A number of class members are still preserved with operational or under restoration. J549 was recently overhauled and is currently operational at the Victorian Goldfields Railways, and J515 and J541 are both being overhauled to return to service.

Ixion's J Class will feature:

  • Two distinct versions: coal-burning and oil-burner tender versions in 16 different numbers
  • Cast metal boiler, footplate, and chassis
  • 40:1 gearing
  • Sprung buffers
  • Genuine Kadee couplers
  • Pickup from all drivers and tender wheels
  • Scale metal coupling rods
  • Minimum radius 24"/610mm
  • DCC and Sound Ready with 21-pin socket
  • Livery satin black with red footplate lining and smoke deflectors
  • Etched fire irons with coal-burner version.

The Ixion J Class is available for preorder right here. Don't miss out on what is surely a highly anticipated release!


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