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“As an award winning modeller, if there’s one tool that will take your craft to the next level, it’s an Iwata.”

Iwata has been a serious manufacturer of high quality airbrushes, spray guns, compressors and accessories for over ninety years serving thousands of artists and hobbyists all over the globe. Using only State Of The Art technology and materials, Iwata have placed themselves at the forefront of airbrush production. Each airbrush, compressor and accessory in their range are all manufactured and tested by hand to Iwata’s strict assembly code ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship possible.

For example, anyone wanting to start airbrushing for the first time should start with Iwata’s Neo and Revolution series airbrushes. They are easy to use, delivering a soft and effortless coverage at low air pressure. This makes them not only suitable for the novice, but most importantly, affordable.

For those demanding a multi-purpose system, Iwata’s excellent Eclipse series are manufactured to atomise heavier mediums resulting in a controlled fine line to a broad field. This makes the Eclipse the most popular and versatile airbrush in their range and one of the biggest selling airbrushes in the world.

We at Metro Hobbies are proud to introduce Iwata Airbrushes, compressors and accessories to our ever expanding range of hobby supplies. From the Neo to the Custom Micron, from novice to veteran, no matter what your field of interest is, you can be sure Iwata has an airbrush or/and compressor to suit both your requirements and budget.

-Glen Hambleton