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GraviTrax is an interactive marble track system, just like LEGO is an interlocking brick system. What does that mean? It means the number of marble circuits you can build with the same set of track pieces is enormous. But Gravitrax is more than just a marble circuit its built to encourage curiosity and understanding about basic physics, e.g. Gravity.

Kayjay loves how intuitive Gravitrax is and how accessible it is for both children and adults alike. The starter set comes with a book of circuits that start at a basic level and gradually become more complicated, then once you start to understand the basic principles you can try your hand at working out how to complete the unfinished circuits in the back of the book.

Kayjay loves the wide range of trick shots that are possible thanks to the special elements like the magnetic cannon which lets you shot a marble up hill or the trampoline which you will need to place in just the right spot to ensure your marble has enough momentum to reach the next piece of track.  It’s even possible to build a marble circuit that can travel back to the start of the circuit without the use of batteries, all you need is  gravity, momentum, some well-placed special elements (flip expansion) and know how.

Gravitrax also has a complementary app that lets you build your own instructions using the full range of special elements that available so you can try trick shots before you build or even before you buy the accessory.

Gravitrax is hours of fun for the whole family and especially for those who like to experiment. If you have a young person who is curious, enjoys building and likes to experiment then GraviTrax is the ideal toy that also doubles as an educational tool.

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Highly recommended!  

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