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For this edition, we welcome our own talented Glen Hambleton to our blogging fray, with his excellent build and review of one of Takom's more recent releases. Its very timely as the brand now celebrates 10 years of quality military models! Take it away Glen!

Introducing Takom's excellent 1/35 Flakpanzer Panther "Coelian" Armoured Fighting Vehicle (2105). Released almost two years ago, Takom's kit, by far, is the best representation of this "paper panzer" on the market. Although it never got beyond a wooden mockup, this proposed self-propelled AFV may have been an effective weapon had WWII progressed beyond 1945. A great kit out-of-box, enhancing or modifying it will greatly improve the final product. My model represents an abandoned vehicle circa late 1946 to early 1947 on the outskirts of Berlin.

I added AK Interactive's individual metal track links (AK697), scale  summer/autumn birch foliage, Royal Models photoetch spare track chains (approx 20), along with a CMK chain anchored rear and Voyager Panther A/D Schurzen. Tow cables were replaced with Eureka's Panther A/D set. As the muzzle breaks only had indents to represent holes, I decided to drill them out with a 0.18mm drill bit which improved them dramatically.

To go one step further, all grab handles, spare track pins and front headlight wires were all added or scratch built.

Since the kits turret had little or no weld seams, I decided to compliment them by rolling fine strips of Tamiya’s reliable two-part epoxy putty quick type (T87051). Once applied, I then created the “weld seams” by using the tip of a #11 blade. This made the end result very convincing.

The side skirts were given battle damage for visual interest using various pins/nails for scale effect. Finally, the 44 gallon drum and jerry cans were from the Tamiya oil drum set (T35186) and added for visual interest.

To replicate the German late war colour scheme, I mixed a 50/50 ratio of Gunze H318 and H079 to represent '44 DG III dunkelgelb (dark yellow) and H340 to represent Resedagrun (Greyish green). Chipping was done with Vallejo Camouflage Black/Brown (AV70822) #150 using both 000 and 10/0 brushes along with a tiny ripped piece of sponge for larger areas. The red primer areas of the vehicle were applied with Tamiya’s new Lacquer range of paints starting with LP-18 as a base coat followed by a light overspray of LP-7 Pure Red.

I used Tamiya's excellent black and dark brown panel line accent washes (T87131 & T87140) to add effect and "tone down' the dark yellow. The oil, grease and fuel statins were added using Mig Productions P410 and P700 and stippled on randomly. The chipping on the "C” hooks and jack were done using AK's heavy chipping medium (AK089) in multi-layers to give depth.

The mud and splash effects were created using Vallejo’s excellent European thick mud (AV26807) used sparingly.

Being an avid fan of German armour, Takom’s excellent range of armour kits are now some of the best kits on the market and this kit was no exception.

Overall, this is a great to build with excellent fit of parts and great detail. Highly recommended!